ShelterHub™ Home Maintenance is Changing the World. Here is how:

Home Maintenance Van

ShelterHub™ is changing the world through home maintenance.

My name is Benjamin Head and I am the founder of ShelterHub™ Home Maintenance.

ShelterHub™ is the world’s first home maintenance and tasking service that provides regular upkeep on all your home’s most important—and often overlooked—systems and appliances AND takes care of all your seasonal items too.

Seasonal items such as: Spa Cleaning, gutter cleaning, power washing, garage clean-out and on and on. Set it. forget it.

Why does home maintenance matter so much?

A huge 40% of America’s energy consumption goes to residential and commercial buildings! Our homes, filled with important systems and appliances, not only consume lots of energy but also need those same items to be replaced much more frequently than the ones from a couple decades ago.

And unfortunately, manufacturers and installers of these expensive items don’t want that to change.

Enter ShelterHub™

At ShelterHub™, we have created solutions that not only make our lives much simpler but that also reduce energy consumption and increase system and appliance longevity.

Your first visit with ShelterHub will be to asses your needs. Choose simple quarterly service to have your home’s appliances and systems routine maintenance covered…

…Or have ShelterHub handle all your seasonal items too. Hot tub cleaning, gutter cleaning, garage clean-out etc.

Starting at just $69 per month.

A certified ShelterHub Home Technician™ will perform a comprehensive list of preventative maintenance items such as replacing filters, cleaning refrigerator coils, removing sediment from your water heater, removing lint from the dryer vent line, inspecting and lubricating your garage door and much more.

All the many things that need to be done but you probably don’t think about.

Home Maintenance Technician

Let ShelterHub’s ultra-reliable, courteous, and highly-skilled technicians worry about the details so you can live comfortably and worry-free – and with the knowledge that you are helping make the planet a better place for all of us.

Your home and your fellow humans will thank you!

With sincere gratitude,

Benjamin Head

ShelterHub™…it really is that simple!